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What you are saying about Wonder Dogs

The Best Book We’ve Read All Year?
Pages and Paws

"We absolutely loved this book. It’s easily one of the top five we’ve read all year. Yes, we’re suckers for “dog books.” But Wonder Dogs is truly bark-worthy. In fact, it’s extraordinary. (Besides. Who can resist that cover, right?)"

"Are you ready to shed a few tears? Not sad tears, necessarily, but more likely tears of wonder and amazement."
Readers' Favorite

"Through her work, the author has further nurtured her connection to God, finding her purpose in life. The stories she shares are part of her memoir, as well as being a tribute to some pretty amazing dogs that she has trained and worked with. This is a very heartwarming collection of stories and, yes, you do need a box of tissues handy. and amazement."

Wonder Dogs – Maureen Maurer’s memoir about the business of training assistance dogs and True Stories of Extraordinary Assistance Dogs.
Sunny Solomon

Most of all, I recommend this book not only to those who might know of someone who could use an assistance dog, but also folks who already have a dog. After reading Wonder Dogs, I will never think of “having a dog” as meaning “owning a dog.”

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